INRG Solar have completed another 5MW site in North Dorset to add to their expected build achievement for 2014/15 year target of in excess of 100MW.  This will be made up of sites from 5MW up to 50MW.  The great news is that they have the capacity for 200MW in 2015/16 with grid connections already agreed on these sites.  INRG are already making plans for future developments.

David Dean, INRG Solar Commercial Manager said “It is great news that we have secured private funding for our continued development of UK solar farms into the next year. We have a healthy pipe line but as always we are keen to add to it with 5MW sites and above. 5MW sites are very attractive at the moment and we are having an increase in enquiries of these 30 acre size developments”.

INRG Solar have been active in the UK since 2009 and have a reputation of developing sites which are harmonious with the location as well as working with the local community creating future benefits for all parties.  INRG Solar are not only working in the UK and NI but have developments as far off as Japan.