downloadinfopack-300x276INRG Solar was set up in 2009 to develop large scale solar PV projects throughout Europe and
quickly built up one of the largest portfolios in the UK including the largest site in the UK of 46.5MW in Oxfordshire.

INRG Solar is continuing to develop it’s global investment portfolio focusing primarily on solar parks in the UK and looks set to continue the momentum of development with a further 200MW in 2014

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INRG Solar Team

Tom Harlow
Tom HarlowManaging Director
Tom has over 17 years experience in the Construction and Project Development sectors in the UK and Ireland.

◦ Spent the last 4 years focused on development of PV solar farms in the UK and Europe.

◦ Has an in depth knowledge of the grid connection and planning process in the UK.

Ian Gannon
Ian GannonCommercial Director
Ian has 20 years experience in the Golf and Leisure industry worldwide developing Golfing Resorts on 5 Continents. Ian is a director of Arnold Palmer golf design.

◦ His international exposure to large and diverse development portfolios gives him an unparalleled experience in the issues of landowner and third party negotiations.

◦ Ian first entered the PV sector in 2008 and possesses a strong development based skill-set which has been key to the company’s continued growth.

John Hunt
John HuntFinance Director
John had a highly successful 20 year career in commercial real estate and asset based lending (investment and development) with a variety of international banks.

◦  He established his own consultancy in January 2008 which focuses primarily on property, debt advisory and restructuring (up to €1bn).

◦ More recently John has played an advisory role in renewable energy projects, insurance and mobile phone technology start ups and equity raising.

◦ John currently mentors a number of tech start-ups through the Tony Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship in Ireland.

David Dean
David DeanCommercial Manager
MOBILE: 077717 86227

◦ David has been involved with commercial scale PV in the UK since 2009

◦ He has project managed many installations on large roofs to commercial ground builds

◦ David is responsible for the pre build site management from initial assessment through to planning and site liaison during the build process 

Case Studies

  • manorfarmProject Name                                   Manor farm Solar Farm
  • Project Location                               Silton, Dorset
  • Project size                                      5.0MW
  • Land Area                                        33 acres
  • Construction start Date                  20.11.13

INRG are transforming a brownfield site into a 5mw solar farm. The 35 acre solar farm site at Manor Farm in Silton was used in the past as a quarry-cum-landfill site before planning permission was granted to INRG solar to transform the site into an eco friendly solar farm.

With over 25000 panels fixed to steel framing, the overall profile across the installation does not exceed 2.1m high. The naturally well screened site is connected to the local 33KV network on site and will save 3.2 tonnes CO2 year on year.

INRG has managed all aspects of the farms development, including liaising directly with SSE to ensure a robust and timely connection to the national grid.

An array of additional native species hedge and tree screening has been successfully planted along the perimeter of the site in order to reduce the visual impact on the surrounding landscape.

Construction has commenced in November 2013 and will be complete in March 2014

  • SuttonProject Name                               Sutton Fawr Solar Farm
  • Project Location                           Barry, Vale of Glamorgan
  • Project Size MW                           7.4MW
  • Land Area                                     47 acres
  • Construction start Date               30.11.13

Sutton fawr solar farm is situated east of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan. Although 25,000 photovoltaic panels have been installed, this only equates to 30% of the rented area being used; leaving attractive options for land diversification such as sheep grazing.

The green electricity generated by this solar farm is sufficient to power over 2800 UK households.

Following community consultations during the planning application process, INRG ensured the safeguarding of established hedges that were important to local residents and also planted additional hedgerows, grass and wild flowers.

The existing and enhanced boundary planting effectively hides the development from view, thus having a minimal impact on the wider countryside and landscape in the area.

The solar farm is set across two fields covering around 46 acres in total. With such a large site there were a number of challenges in completing the design; the need to accommodate local ecology and two localised archaeologically sensitive areas. INRG carried out a thorough geo-physical survey of the site and two areas of archaeological interest were identified. In consultation with the local archaeological officer INRG have designed a non penetrative method of mounting panels in these areas to preserve the archaeological areas in situ.

  • westabProject Name                                  West Hall Solar Farm
  • Project Location                              West Aberthaw, Vale of Glamorgan
  • Project Size MW                              5.6 MW
  • Land Area                                        32 acres
  • Construction start Date                  01/12/2013

Two miles from Cardiff International airport West Hall Solar Farm is an exceptional example of solar farming. The 37 acre site delivers an exceptional layout for solar panels coupled with a slight southerly gradient enabling the rows to be positioned closer together.

West Hall is a 5.6MWp solar farm installed on 37 acres of low grade agricultural land in West Aberthaw in the Vale of Glamorgan. The site is sandwiched between a large concrete works and a power station.

This solar farm consists of approximately 18000 solar panels, with the capacity to generate 5,400 MWh per year. The energy produced is distributed in the surrounding area and is expected to power around 2000 homes, which translates into a saving of nearly 1290 tonnes of carbon per year.

Renewable energy schemes like this installation at West Hall is a prime example of how INRG is helping Government achieve its target of 20 percent of the UK’s electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2020.

  • langmeadProject Name                               Sutton Fawr Solar Farm
  • Project Location                          East Hanney Oxfordshire
  • Project Size MW                           42MW
  • Land Area                                     220 Acres
  • Construction start Date               20/11/13

The changing face of UK power?, Landmead Farm is the largest farm in INRG’s UK portfolio, and currently the largest solar farm in the UK.
Situated adjacent to the recently closed Didcot oil/coal power station, the flat and well screened site sits beside the six giant 200 metre towers of the closed power plant.
Greenpeace estimate that didcot was the second most polluting plant in the uk.

Connected directly into the local SSE sub-station, Landmead solar farm will power over 15000 homes with clean renewable energy. INRG worked closely with the local authority and local parish councils to ensure that the best site was selected.

At 2.1 metres high the solar panels are barely visible in the surrounding area, with no noise, no emissions and minimal ongoing traffic, the development of the site has been welcomed in the local area and is the clearest indication of the changing face of UK power.

Construction has been commenced by INRG and is due to be completed by July 2014.

Rent out your land

An ideal site

  • Flat or south facing
  • Close to a 11kV, 33kV, 66KV or 132kV line
  • Not in an AONB, Greenbelt or SSI
  • Access for vehicles during build process
  • Not overlooked by houses.
  • Not in flood plain

To progress and enquiry on a site we would require information on the total area of the landownership and an indication where you would like the potential Solar PV installation could go as well as acreage marked. This can be provide either by ordnance survey map, estate maps or google earth.
As a rule of thumb 5 acres (2 ha) to 1MW of electricity production we would require sites from 25 acres to 250 acres

Confidential site appraisal
INRG Solar will provide a confidential appraisal of a site and report back to the landowner/Land agent with the results and suggestions on the viability of the site, simply email info@inrgsolar.com or contact David Dean on 07771 786227 to explore your site potential.


PV Planning Strategy
The key to the success in developing large scale PV solar parks is the selection of sites that meet operational requirements whilst avoiding planning and environmental sensitivities. INRG would typically undertake:

  • early site appraisal to identify constraints that might give rise to controversy or delay at the planning stage. The most suitable sites would generally be visually well contained or screened by surrounding terrain and vegetation, free of public rights of way, ecology and archaeological constraints, and not on best quality farmland.
  • effective EIA screening and scoping to establish the need or otherwise for formal EIA, and the scope of the environmental studies that will be required to support the planning application. These will typically include landscape and visual effects and ecology surveys.
  • development of appropriate site mitigation, in dialogue with the project’s design engineers. Measures might include an improvement of boundary screening through the planting of trees, native hedging, and the sowing of wild flower meadow flora beneath and around the PV arrays to encourage local biodiversity. These features greatly enhance the ecological benefits of the site.
  • timely community engagement.
  • preparation of a planning application that presents a compelling case for the development, anticipates the questions likely to be asked by the planning authority and the public, and demonstrates the benign nature of PV technology.

Pegasus will lead the discussion with the planning authority on planning conditions and any legal agreements, to ensure that these are acceptable from the developer’s perspective.

Community Engagement Strategy
The type of community engagement strategy undertaken should always be tailored to the needs of the individual project.
In the current context, the self-contained and neighbourly nature of PV development would lead INRG to recommend an active community engagement strategy. This would ensure that the nearest local residents and statutory consultees such as Natural England are accurately briefed and reassured about the developer’s intentions.
Unless wider public interest is likely to be attracted – such as if the PV park is close to or visible from a local residential neighbourhood – the number of local interested parties may be sufficiently low to render personal contact with the members of project team to be a more appropriate means of community engagement than public exhibitions, leafleting, etc however projects will be assessed on an individual basis and the appropriate strategy implemented. Throughout the project, we would seek to build working relationships through consultation with local representatives.

Grid Connection Strategy
INRG Solar utilises the expertise of UPL to assess and manage the complex area of grid interconnection.
The process is time critical and requires careful management of liaison and assessment of the localised distribution network to ensure successful and economically viable interconnection.
With this in mind INRG would complete a feasibility study of the grid connection options with UPL. This study would be completed during an Exclusivity Period where following a positive initial feasibility study a formal application to the Distribution Network Operators eg EDF, Scottish and Southern etc would be completed to obtain a Grid Offer.
The actual Grid Offer confirms the capacity locally in the network and the cost of connection to the network. This is key to the viability of the project. A commercially acceptable Grid Offer is the first step in successfully developing a PV solar farm.
INRG outline the project process for grid offer and connection below to demonstrate transparency in our approach to this critical aspect of the project.

a) Process
1) Initial desktop assessment utilising grid records to ascertain viability of connection based on the 11kV, 33kV, 66KV and 132kV networks.
2) Following initial assessment, sites with potentially viable connection opportunity will be assessed as follows.
3) Subject to INRG Solar approval a formal application is then submitted to the DNO or TSO for a grid connection study and / or feasibility quotation.
4) Upon receipt of grid offer analyse the completed study and quotation to ensure it complies with INRG’s requirements and the Electricity Networks Association Recommendations in relation to the industry’s regulatory policies.
5) UPL will assess and make recommendations to INRG on the options relating to contestable and non-contestable works and when agreed, make a formal request to the DNO/TSO for full connection agreement.

Our Blog

2702, 2019

Conesby receives planning permission

INRG have received planning for a 50MW Solar and battery farm in North Lincolnshire. Conesby will be the first of INRG’s new rollout of large scale UK energy infrastructure projects.

2012, 2017


INRG is in the early stages of developing a 120mw park near Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, local consultation is due to start early in 2018. The pioneering scheme would be the UK’s first large scale subsidy free solar park and will include 50MW of battery storage. On completion little crow solar park would generate enough clean electricity to power more than half the homes in North Lincolnshire. The first phase of public consultation starts on 16th, 17th and 18th of January, details as follows.

16th January – Appleby village hall, School lane, Scunthorpe, DN15 OAS

17th January – Scunthorpe civic centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1AB

18th January – Broughton village hall, 59 High Street, Broughton, North Lincolnshire, DN20 OJX

Hours – 2-7pm


Please note the response period of the first consultation is until 31st January 2018. Further consultations will follow later in the year.

906, 2014

The sun still shines for INRG solar

INRG Solar have completed another 5MW site in North Dorset to add to their expected build achievement for 2014/15 year target of in excess of 100MW.  This will be made up of sites from 5MW up to 50MW.  The great news is that they have the capacity for 200MW in 2015/16 with grid connections already agreed on these sites.  INRG are already making plans for future developments.

David Dean, INRG Solar Commercial Manager said “It is great news that we have secured private funding for our continued development of UK solar farms into the next year. We have a healthy pipe line but as always we are keen to add to it with 5MW sites and above. 5MW sites are very attractive at the moment and we are having an increase in enquiries of these 30 acre size developments”.

INRG Solar have been active in the UK since 2009 and have a reputation of developing sites which are harmonious with the location as well as working with the local community creating future benefits for all parties.  INRG Solar are not only working in the UK and NI but have developments as far off as Japan.


Interactive Map

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  • Total capacity: 324.2 MW

  • Total houses powered: 77,808

  • Tonnes of Co2 saved p/a: 18,155.2

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INRG previously worked with Eversheds under the Feed in Tariff scheme and they have been at the forefront of renewable energy industry in the UK for many years and provide their legal expertise in the development of appropriate and bankable options and leases and other matters in the critical relationship of development.

Geraint Pullin Thomas leads the team dealing with the Option/Lease negotiations. Geraint is a Partner in the real estate practice group. His practice encompasses investor work, asset management, property finance, portfolio acquisitions, and clean energy projects.

As a member of the clean energy team, Geraint acts for developers, landowners and buyers of proposed and consented onshore / offshore windfarms and biomass plants. He leads the real estate aspects of Eversheds’ solar practice and advised bidders for the Crown Estate’s Round 1 Marine Programme.


Established in 2003, Pegasus Group has continued to expand its operation and now operates from eight offices throughout the UK. The Group currently employs around 100 professional staff, who are assisted by a large range of administrative staff and technical support.

Pegasus Group has considerable experience in a wide range and scale of renewable energy projects, ranging from on-shore and off-shore wind farms to biomass power plants, solar parks and anaerobic digestion schemes. They will provide a combination of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), planning and landscape advice.

They will manage the entire planning and environmental process for INRG from initial pre-application discussions and feasibility studies, to EIA and public consultation culminating in the preparation and submission of the planning application, proactively seeking to obtain planning permission thereafter.

Pegasus senior members of staff regularly appear as Expert Witnesses at Public Inquiries and Appeal Hearings for a variety of renewable energy schemes. This, along with our presentations to numerous renewable energy conferences and events, puts them at the forefront of the planning, landscape and environmental sectors in this field.

Their renewable team have an excellent knowledge of localities and geographic areas, bringing particular expertise in landscape and planning matters and they have a proven record of delivering results.

Colin Virtue is leading the team working on INRGs projects.


Michael Woods Associates is an ecological consultancy based in Somerset. We provide a range of services, principally to the construction industry, and always in relation to the survey, assessment, protection and conservation of British wildlife and habitats.

They balance their client’s needs with the importance of maintaining a rich biodiversity on the site and conserving protected species. Their staff are all highly qualified and experts in surveying sites for protected species and providing advice on appropriate measures to protect wildlife whilst not unnecessarily constraining projects. They also have particularly good working relationships with many of the local planning authority ecologists and where sites are found to have complex ecological constraints they engage in consultation to smooth the planning application process.

Michael Woods Associates have been involved in over 50 renewable energy projects ranging from small wind turbine developments of 80KW to large scale solar projects of 40MW.


Clive Onions is an Independent Consultant with over 35 years of experience in civil engineering, specialising in flood risk and water engineering related advice to Clients and Agencies.

The consultancy undertakes Flood Risk Assessments, Flood Evacuation Plans, investigates flooding events of local and national importance and provides general civil engineering advice. They work with a range of other Specialist Consultants to deliver a comprehensive service.

Key current roles include advising Bristol City Council on their Flood Risk Management Strategy, advising as Independent Assessor on the cause of flooding of approx. 400 new homes in North Wales and advising Bristol Water as their Project Manager on a planning application for a 9,000 Megalitre (150ha) Reservoir.

Clive Onions has been active in the Institution of Civil Engineers for many years and Vice Chairman of their Expert Panel on Water for approx. 10 years. As a result of this Clive was Appointed Independent Chairman to investigate the cause of flooding from the River Thames between Maidenhead and Teddington, when approx. 400 homes were flooded. He has also reviewed Policies for Government and other Agencies on Flood Risk and Sustainable Drainage matters.

Professional roles include being Chairman of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Civil Engineering and River and Coastal Engineering courses at University of West of England.

As a result of these many areas of activity in the field of civil engineering and flood risk, Clive is well known within the Profession and has good working relationships with many Agencies, assisting him to provide an efficient service to our projects.


Transport Planning Associates (TPA) is a firm of consulting highway and transportation engineers with offices in Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, London and Welwyn Garden City.  Formed in 1997 as Pinnacle Transportation Limited (PTL), the company has grown to provide transport consultancy services to a wide variety of private and public sector clients throughout the UK.

The company’s core business is to provide consultancy services on the Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering and Infrastructure Design issues arising from the development of land for a variety of uses, and arising from strategic planning and master planning.

TPA has developed a very strong track record of obtaining planning permissions and delivering projects across the UK.  As a result, the company’s technical staff are very familiar with a significant number of key local Council highway officers and engineers that are engaged in transport projects; as well as other specialist firms that are brought together by clients into development teams.

TPA is experienced in providing transportation input into EIAs.  The company has also carried out many access and feasibility studies involving abnormal/heavy loads or to constrained locations for solar and wind projects.


Cotswold Archaeology (CA) is one of the largest archaeological contractors in Britain, operating from offices in Cirencester, Milton Keynes and Andover. They are a Registered Organisation with the Institute for Archaeologists. Cotswold Archaeology is an entirely independent agency which is well versed in acting for private and public sector clients, including major developers and executive agencies. They pride there selves on their ability to deliver results on schedule; regular and informed client communication and consultation; respect for the client’s need for confidentiality, and a professional and impartial approach. They successfully complete in excess of 250 projects per year, which include Desk-based Assessments and Environmental Statements, as well as archaeological fieldwork.

CA has a dedicated consultancy department with considerable experience of working within the planning process, including appearance at Public Inquiry, and formulating archaeological strategies from initial consultation and feasibility, through to development construction. This necessitates regular discussion with archaeological advisors to Local Planning Authorities across the country, as well as bodies such as English Heritage and Cadw. Their consultancy department also has extensive experience in providing expert advice and services to their clients engaged in the renewable energy sector, having undertaken projects for Wind Turbines, Solar Farms and Tidal schemes.


In the UK UPL is the only service provider of utility infrastructure, smart metering and energy services offering a complete and fully integrated management solution. The business is led by a strong management team with a philosophy to find solutions that provide flexibility while keeping operations simple.

UPL will provide INRG with consultancy services from the initial grid feasibility right through to final grid connection.

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